Thursday, 25th August

Just a quick update on Jimmy....

He went back to work on Monday but still very weak and his face was looking very hollow around his eyes so he popped in to see Dr Madurai on his way to work in the chemo clinic.  Dr checked his blood pressure and chest and said everything was fine but he brought Jimmy's monthly appointment with Prof Novitzky forward to yesterday instead of the end of the month for when it was scheduled.

Prof is also happy with Jimmy as well as the blood counts they did.  They discussed Jimmy starting Polygam again to boost his immune system and Prof has opted to keep this treatment as a last resort if Jimmy's immune system cannot fight infections.  He explained that he knows Jimmy has had an infection 4 or 5 times since October but he says there is a lot of it going around and Jimmy's contracting the infections is still on a relevant level to the general public.

He also said that we must bare in mind that previously Jimmy has always been admitted to high care when he has an infection where he receives stronger intravenous antibiotics which will work quicker compared to the 2 courses of oral antibiotics that he has now recently been on.  He is sure that by the end of this week Jimmy will be feeling his old self again.

Of course this is good news as there is always the lurking cancer thought in the back of our minds.  This has also put Jimmy at ease and his mood has definitely been more upbeat in the last 2 days.