Friday, 18th August

You would think that by now I would refrain from using the words "feeling much better and over the worst" in one sentence. 

I'm sure you can guess where today's blog is going.....Last Friday things were looking up.  We spent another weekend at home nursing our sinus infections and trying to get better after Jimmy had been home on Thursday and Friday.  By Sunday Jimmy was feeling worse again and although I was feeling only slightly under the weather I made an appointment for both of us to see our GP first thing on Monday morning.  The last thing I needed was for Jimmy to start recovering and I get worse only to re-infect him again.  The diagnoses was sino-bronchitis and a script for strong antibiotics for us both, this being Jimmy's second round, and Jimmy was booked off work up to and including today.

This is a nasty infection with a terrible cough which seems to be doing the rounds and so many people have mentioned that they have had the cough for up to a month already.  Yesterday we were both feeling much better and today neither of us have much energy again, the good old South African expression 'pap' sums it up so aptly.

The positive of this is that this is the first time since Jimmy was diagnosed that he has had an infection and not ended up in high care.  I have also realised that what I have thought all along is Jimmy's attitude to being in hospital by way of not eating etc has nothing to do with the taste of the food, which he says is so terrible, as well as being in hospital but rather how he deals with being sick or actually feels.  This nurse had to put up with him eating half a chicken breast, two squares of butternut and 5 peas at most!  So in the interim I had him drinking meal replacement shakes and thankfully his appetite has once again improved.

I saw the dermatologist on Monday and she has confirmed that I do have Psoriasis.  The rash on my back is still there but not as inflamed as it was.  I was supposed to go for the MRI on Tuesday but realised there was no way I would be able to lie in that tunnel and not cough.  I actually practiced in bed on Monday night :) so this has been rescheduled for tomorrow morning.

Jimmy was supposed to go up to Langebaan for the Sunshine Corner golf weekend and I was going to spend the weekend with my parents in Bredasdorp as it is my Mom's birthday on Sunday but we will spend another weekend at home, indoors and hopefully the extra few days of taking it easy will put us in good stead for everything to be back to normal on Monday.

Have a great weekend everyone.