Friday, 11th November

Gosh....just looking back on my last blog I can't believe it was in September and I was celebrating Spring and the beautiful flowers that were in bloom in my garden.  Now we have stringent water restrictions due to the drought and the wind has been howling for the last few days which is drying my garden out terribly.  For my overseas friends this means no use of our irrigation system or even the hosepipe. I obviously understand the dire need to conserve water but feel very sad when I think about what my garden is going to look like by January as this is the Cape's windy season.

We are now full swing into final exams with Emma doing grade 11.  Another gosh.....one more year to go and that's the last of any school going kids for us.

Jimmy's health is still in a good place.  The script for his Thalidomide was sorted out and we will have no more waiting every 3 months.  Blood counts and platelets not 100% but Prof remains happy with these as they have stabilized and not dropping any lower.

I have decided to take a break from the blog until January next year.  Once we get over exams, Christmas and New Year are around the corner and Jimmy has been stable for a while now so not much to report on.  I mention this too as there has always been a little cause for concern when I haven't done a blog update in more than a month.  Of course should there be any change with Jimmy then I most definitely will be back.

So.....that leaves me to wish you and your loves ones a very Merry Christmas, happy holidays and everything of the very best to for the New Year.  And if you are travelling please take care.  This is my 3rd Christmas since I started the blog and I would also like to say thank you to all for your love and support throughout this journey.....it has and continues to mean so much to us.