Tuesday, 24th May

 Hello 😊

Sjoe!! What a drive through to the hospital in this weather. Lots of broken down trucks, thick mist on Ou Kaapseweg, pouring rain and roads completely flooded in Newlands 😱.  Not what I’m used to, I don’t even go to Blue Route Mall unless I reaaaaally have to 😀.  We’ve had so much rain that I had to ask the neighbour to come and show me how to empty some water out the pool 😳☔️

Jimmy isn’t feeling very good today at all. He is plagued with diarrhea and feels very nauseous 😔. 

His platelets count is 19 so he’ll have a 3rd platelets transfusion in as many days. His haemaglobin is 8.2 so he just missed having another blood transfusion.  His white blood cell count is still sitting at 0.1. Dr Botha says he is hoping to see a bit of an upward trend in his WBC count from tomorrow or Thursday. Jimmy’s blood pressure has come up a bit to 100/61. 

The good news is that his kidney function is the best it’s been since he was admitted. 

Unfortunately Jimmy has also got the first sore in his mouth, being the start of Mucositis 😢. Dr Botha says it’s a nasty one and now that this barrier has been broken he needs to use the antiseptic mouthwash as much as he can.  It won’t prevent them but will ease the pain slightly. The only thing is it makes Jimmy gag/vomit. 

Last night Jimmy had a low grade fever and again this morning so the staff are keeping a close eye on this. 

The next week or so is going to be the toughest for Jimmy. And it’s terrible knowing that there is nothing I can do to help or make him feel better 🥺. 


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